Kolkata High Court Group-D Exam 2017 Questions and Answers - Answer Key

Kolkata High Court Group D Exam 2017
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Kolkata high court group d question paper answer key
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1. Where was the first High Court in India ?

A Delhi

B Bombay

C Calcutta

D Madras

2. Which of these persons was not a President of India ?

A V.V. Giri

B N. Sanjeeva Reddy

C Rajendra Prasad

D C. Rajagopalachari

3. While coming by the shortest train route from Patna to Howrah, which of the folowing stations will not be on the way ?

A Jessidih

B Mokama

C Burdwan

D Ranchi
4. Which of the following states is not in the North-East ?

A Assam

B Arunachal Pradesh

C Chattisgarh

D Nagaland

5. How many days are there in a regular calendar year ?

A 365

B 366

C 370

D 410
6. In which year was the Sepoy Mutiny during British Rule ?
A 1847

B 1857

C 1947

D 1926
7. How many make up five dozen ?

A 60

B 75

C 100

D 120
8. Which of these rivers is not connected to the Ganga ?

A Hooghly

B Ghagra

C Gandak

D Narmada
9. A tap pours 100 litre of water in an hour. How many 5 litre buckets can you fill up from the tap in half an hour?

A 10

B 20

C 15

D 33
10. Name another famous building which is closest to the Calcutta High Court?

A Raj Bhavan

B Victoria Memorial

C Reserve Bank

D Bidhan Sabha

11. Which of these stadiums is not visible from the Calcutta High Court?

A Salt Lake Stadium

B Kshudiram Anushilan Kendra

C Eden Gardens

D Netaji Indoor Stadium

12. Name of the Vice President of India?

A B. Marandi

B A. Hansraj

C H. Ansari

D Ansarul Rehman

13. What is the tenure in office of the President of India?

A 6 years

B 5 years

C 4 years

D 10 years
14. Which of these universities is not in West Bengal?

A Viswa Bharati

B Rabindra Bharati

C Jadavpur

D Nalanda
15. Which of these towns is not in West Bengal?

A Raniganj

B Kishenganj

C Raiganj

D Toofanganj

16. Which of these players has not played for Bengal Ranji Trophy Cricket team?

A Amol Mazumdar

B Arun Lal

C Ashok Malhotra

D Rohan Gavaskar

17. Who won a Silver Medal for India at the Rio Olympoics?

A Saina Nehwal

B Sania Mirza

C P. V. Sindhu

D Leander Paes

18. Which game is played with Kings, Queens, Bishops and Knights?

A Billiards

B Ludo

C Chess

D Kabaddi
19. In which city is the Ferozeshah Kotla Cricket Stadium ?

A Lucknow

B Chandigarh

C Delhi

D Agra
20. Which of these is not an Island ?

A Puducherry

B Lakshwadeep

C Nicobar

D Sagar
21. The Meenakshi temple is in which city?

A Madurai

B Rameshwaram

C Coimbatore

D Dindigul
22. What is the capital of the State of Mizoram ?

A Kohima

B Imphal

C Itanagar

D Aizawl
23. On which day was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated ?

A January 30

B October 2

C January 23

D December 25

24. A man went to jail on January 1, 2012 and was released on December 31, 2015. How many days, inclusive of the first and last days, did he spend in Jail ?

A 1460

B 1461

C 1459

D 1462
25. A man makes a profit of Rs. 60 for every dozen plates that he sells. How much profit does he make for 20 plates ?

A Rs. 100

B Rs. 90

C Rs. 75

D Rs. 80
26. A tour operator offers one free ticket for every 20 paid tickets. How many teachers can travel free with 120 students ?

A 8

B 6

C 5

D 4
27. Rana Pratap was the ruler of which Kingdom?

A Mewar

B Alwar

C Deewar

D Parmer
28. Flower pots have to be placed in a staircase and the landings in between. One flower pot is to be placed every fourth step and on each landing and floor. How many flower pots would be needed on the staircase, landings and floors of a three-storied building having two flights of stairs of 13 steps each between the floors ?

A 15

B 16

C 17

D 18
29. A file-van can carry a maximum load of 30 kg at a time. There are 100 files each weighing 14 kg and 50 files each weighing 16 kg. The files can not be carried in parts. What is the minimum number of trips needed by the file-van to carry all the files ?

A 75

B 76

C 77

D 78
30. In which city is the holy shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti ?

A Agra

B Hyderabad

C Ajmer

D Aurangabad
31. When did the Constitution India fully come into effect?

A 26 January, 1950

B 15 August, 1947

C 26 November, 1949

D 1 January, 1950e

32. In which state is there an airport named after Birsa Mumda?

A Bihar

B Jharkhand

C Chattisgarh

D Odisha

33. Which of these rulers did not belong to the Mughal dynasty?

A Babar

B Humayun

C Sher Shah

D Akbar

34. Which of these countries does not share border with India?

A Bhutan

B Bangladesh

C Nepal

D Russia
35. Which of these rivers does not start or end in India?

A Ganga

B Brahmaputra

C Yamuna

D Mahanadi

36. Which of these countries is an Island?

A China


C France

D Australia

37. In which year did India win the Cricket World Cup for the first time?

A 1983

B 1976

C 1984

D 1991
38. In which country is the holy city of Mecca?

A Iran

B Iraq

C Saudi Arabia

D Yemen

39. What is the holy book of the Christians?

A Guru Granth Sahib

B Bible

C Gita

D Constitution
40. A+, B+, O+, AB+ etc. are types of what?

A Monkeys

B Blood

C Roses

D Oranges
41. If the main building of the High Court has 1200 sq ft of corridor and one person can sweep 60 sq ft of corridor per hour, how long will 20 persons complete the entire work?

A 30 mins

B 1 hours

C 2 hours

D 3 hours
42. There is tank that holds 1000 litre of petrol. There are 30 cars which each take 32 litre of petrol. How much petrol is left in the tank?

A 40 litre

B 50 litre

C 60 litre

D 30 litre

43. With which sport is Abhinav Bindra associated?

A Boxing

B Cricket

C Tennis

D Shooting

44. Name the present Chief Justice of India?

A V. N. Khare

B J. S. Khehar

C T. S. Thakur

D A. Mishra

45. What is the day exactly one week after Chrismas day?

A Republic Day

B Gandhi Jayanti

C Diwali

D New Year's Day

46. Which freedom fighter is known as Deshbandhu?

A Subhas Chandra Bose

B Chittaranjan Das

C Jatin Das

D Nazrul Islam

47. Panaji is capital of which state in India?

A Haryana

B Goa

C Manipur

D Kerala
48. What is the currency of Bangladesh ?

A Rupiah

B Dollar

C Pound

D Taka
49. With which sport is the Beighton Trophy associated in Kolkata ?

A Football

B Hockey

C Tennis

D Cricket
Correct Answer - Option B Hockey
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50. What is the name given to the person who conducts the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas?

A Speaker

B Home Minister

C Commissioner

D Director

Correct Answer - Option A Speaker

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